Typhoid or manzanar essay, English homework help

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(Students are to pick one of the following task below to submit for a grade. Each task has a specific set of instructions that MUST be followed, in order to get full credit this assignment.)

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Manzanar Apply

For this apply, put yourself in Manzanar. Choose one of the settings from Farewell to Manzanar ­such as the bus, the barracks, or the communal bathroom ­ and write a 100–150 word creative piece in the first person, as though you are living a moment there yourself. Use at least two sensory details quoted from the story, but fill out the description using at least two of your own original details. Place your quotes in quotation marks, and your own sensory details in boldface.


Typhoid Apply

In “Typhoid Fever,” our narrator becomes close friends with “Patricia.” Patricia is a character who we see plenty of, but we do not know much about. Review the story, and look for moments featuring this important character. What does she do throughout the story? What sort of things does she say? What kind of attitude does she have?

For your Apply, write a backstory for Patricia. Include at least two of the following:

Who were her friends before she got sick?

What was her family like?

What were her hobbies?

What makes her happy?

What was she really feeling at the hospital that she did not share with Frank?

Obviously, the answers to these questions are not explicitly stated. However, you can make inferences about Patricia based on the story. In your writing, include at least two moments from the story (quotes) and make a smart guess about Patricia’s character based on those moments. You should write between 100-150 words.


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