Unit 5 Discussion: Ch. 32 – Homefront

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Chapter 32: Homefront

Instructions: After reading the chapter in the textbook, reading the module materials, and watching the videos, answer the following question:

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Ben Franklin once stated, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” How does this statement relate to the US Patriot Act? Does the US Patriot Act violate civil liberties? Why or why not?

You are to answer the question with information from the course, and you are to respond to at least TWO other students’ responses.

Original posts should be

  • completed 3 days before the close of the discussion board.
  • a minimum of 250 words ($5.00)

Responses to 2 classmate(s) posts should each be

  • completed by the due date
  • a minimum of 75 words ($2.50 each)

You may not simply write, “I agree,” or “I don’t agree.” You must give a full explanation as to your thoughts. This is a discussion that you are having with one another. Be as detailed and as persuasive as you can be in your responses. Please remember that the posts are public and everyone will be able to see what you post.


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