Unit 8 -Discussion A – Jung, Levinson, Rogers, and Maslow workbook attached for all Acceptance and Integration: Jung, Levinson, Rogers, and Maslow (pp. 65-67). For this discussion consider each o

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Unit 8 -Discussion A – Jung, Levinson, Rogers, and Maslow   workbook attached for all

Acceptance and Integration: Jung, Levinson, Rogers, and Maslow (pp. 65-67).

For this discussion consider each of the four theorists, pick out one key quote that is relevant to you. Now tell us the theorist and quote and explain why you choose this quote.

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Unit 8-Discussion B – Denudations of Well-Being

  1. Looking at the descriptions of the dimensions of well-being as described by Ryff and Seligman (pp. 69-73)   Describe and discuss at least two of the dimensions that you would like to add or strengthen in your life.

Narrative identity

This assignment will focus on identity…the conception of self.

If you have not already done so Read pages 52-65

–Imagine that you are writing a novel. And one of the characters in the book is you. You are not a main character, but important enough to warrant a few paragraphs of description. As the author you will want to give the reader as much insight into you (as a character in the story) as possible, including things like your roles, relationships, personality traits, values, moral foundations, needs, drives, and a few interesting high points or events in your life that illustrate how these experiences and characteristics that define you have typically come into play and how they have contributed to who you are today. Also, as the author, you will want to make your character as interesting as possible while being true to who you are.

–You should refer to yourself by name, not as “I” or “me.” (e.g., Sally first showed her openness to new experiences when, upon graduating from high school, she took a year off to travel; or Bill’s belief in his commitment to duty and service was evidenced when he enlisted after 9/11.)

–In writing about yourself you should focus more on your strengths and positive points as opposed to your weaknesses, although it is perfectly fine to use a negative experience in your life to show how you addressed and, hopefully, came to grips with it. So, for the purpose of this exercise, it is expected that these narratives will show your best self and not be confessional in nature.

Because of the more personal nature of this assignment, This is not a discussion but a paper that is to be submitted. Please  pay attention to grammar, spelling, etc.be extra careful in this regard.   This assignment should be at least 3 paragraphs (300-400 words) – double spaced. Send the whole assignment (parts 1,2,3 and 4 ) in one Word document.

Read Workbook pp. 42-51 and R51-R53.

There are four inventories within this assignment. You will complete them and write about them.

1. On workbook page 42 there is a list of 24 “life items.” Pretend you are given $600. How would you divide up the money to “buy”  the most important items in your life? What items would you choose? What would you leave out? Why?

2. Go to workbook page 45. After identifying three important needs in your life from the list of 26 items, you will explain why they are important to you.

3.Complete the McCrea/Costa Checklist on workbook  page R51. Select three traits that you wish to develop or modify in your own life.

4. Finally, complete the Scales of Psychological Well-Being on workbook pages R52-R53.

After completing all of the aforementioned inventories, discuss these in light of the article, “Needs: Sources, Consequences, and Conflicts” found on workbook pages 46-51. Be sure to address both the positive aspects of the needs and the ways that pursuing these needs too aggressively can lead to trouble. Also indicate if any of the needs conflict. Based on your own experience AND specific points (actual quotes) from one or more of these articles, write about to what extent you think that change in general (self/personality/identity) is possible. More particularly, how you have changed in one or more of the traits that you chose above; or is there a trait on the list that you have made progress on from an earlier period in your life.

Unit 8 -Discussion A – Jung, Levinson, Rogers, and Maslow workbook attached for all Acceptance and Integration: Jung, Levinson, Rogers, and Maslow (pp. 65-67). For this discussion consider each o


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