Unit Test, Part 2: The Mousetrap

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1.) There are eight characters in The Mousetrap. Choose any two of them. For each of the two characters, state one clue that made the character a suspect. Then explain why the clue was true or false. Write your response in a paragraph of at least five sentences.

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2.) Suspense is the quality of a drama that makes the audience ask what is going to happen next. Suspense keeps the audience guessing. Name two suspenseful events in the play.For each of the two, state what happens and explain what is suspenseful about the event.For each example, explain how the suspense is resolved by the end of the play. Write your response in a paragraph of at least five sentences.

3.) Agatha Christie’s drama contains many instances of honesty and dishonesty. Often, the same character is honest in some ways and dishonest in other ways. Choose three characters from The Mousetrap. For each of the three, give one example of how the character is honest and one example of how the character is dishonest. In your view, is Christie showing that people are mainly honest or that they are mainly dishonest? Give reasons to support your interpretation.Your response should have at least three paragraphs.


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