Vital Signs: HR 76, RR 14 BP 130/98, Temp 100.0 oral, O2 sat-92% Introduction: Maggie is a 27 year old. Filipina single woman, accompanied by an aunt and uncle with whom she lives. Chief Complaint: “

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Vital Signs: HR 76, RR 14 BP 130/98, Temp 100.0 oral, O2 sat-92%


Maggie is a 27 year old. Filipina single woman, accompanied by an aunt and uncle with whom she lives.

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Chief Complaint:

” I have schizophrenia and I need my medications ordered.”

History of Chief Complaint:

The psychiatrist who has been treating the patient does not take her insurance any longer, so she needs a new provider. She has been taking olanzapine 15 milligrams daily.

Past Psychiatric History:

Maggy started hearing voices as a freshman in college. Initially, the voices were just chattering, but then started saying they were going to hurt her. She said. I thought people were stalking me. She was treated by a psychiatrist. With that helped. She thought that she

was fine and stopped taking the lawns of pain. She relaxed and was hospitalized and was prescribed risperidone before being discharged, but she could not sleep. She was prescribed a variety of antipsychotic medication ( ziprasidone, aripiprazole, quetiapine). They did not control the paranoid thinking and the voices were loud and threatening. Eventually, She was prescribed olanzapine again, which she described as the most effective.

This is an unfolding case study which we will be utilizing for this discussion


  1. Based on your readings and in regards to Maggy’s history what additional questions do you have? Provide rationale for each question.(Have at least 3)
  2. As a nurse working in a clinic what important aspects of schizophrenia do you need to consider? What if the physician will not prescribe the desired medication? (Elaborate on at least 3 concepts)
  3. Explain the etiology of schizophrenia to the nursing student. Include any cultural considerations. (Elaborate on at least 3 concepts)
  4. Explore and explain the concept of Psychopharmacology and Schizophrenia
  5. Discuss with Maggy current modes of treatment and the role of the family related to Schizophrenia (Elaborate on at least 3 concepts)
  6. Add a Module 12 PHARMACOLOGICAL question: Can be for MDD or Bipolar disorder. After you have analyzed the content from the discussion board, please add a question to the end of your initial post regarding the reading material for the week.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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