Week 5 Discussion 1Nonverbal Feedback

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Describe how nonverbal feedback conveys powerful messages. Provide an example where nonverbal feedback was used and describe the end result.

SAMPLE RESPONSE FROM A FORMER STUDENTDescribe how nonverbal feedback conveys powerful messages.

Nonverbal communication can occur by means of facial expressions, body language, what you wear, or even how you decorate your office.  Nonverbal communication can provide feedback that may offer insight to what someone is thinking or feeling such as, “I don’t understand, I disagree, this is frustrating, or I’m not really listening” (Baack, 2012).  The messages that nonverbal feedback provide are important because it may offer insight into what someone is thinking or feeling without verbal communication taking place.  In sales situations that I have been in throughout my career I have always paid special attention to nonverbal feedback.  This feedback has often indicated I need more information or this looks like it will fulfill my needs.  In my career, nonverbal feedback has often led me in the sales process despite the fact the customer was not saying anything.

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Provide an example where nonverbal feedback was used and describe the end result?

In a nonprofit committee meeting that I was in a couple of years ago we were faced with making a rather difficult decision.  During the process of the meeting, there was a lot of conversation on how we should solve the issue at hand and in the end, I was in disagreement with the decision of the committee.  During my argument against the decision we faced, two members sat with their arms crossed, they would not make eye contact, and they were shaking their heads continuously throughout my argument.  The message to me was clear, their minds were already made up and they had no intention of listening to me.  This approach made me feel upset and bullied despite the fact no words were exchanged to make me feel that way.  The end result of our meeting was the committee voting to move forward with their decision despite my opposition.  While there may have been some hard feelings with these people in the short term, I have had no issues working with them after the meeting


Baack, D. (2012). Organizational behavior. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.


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