Week 5 DQ 1 – Response to Fellow Classmate – Lynn Hegedus

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When discussing phenomenological inquiry this is based on the items that are known to the researcher through experiences or observations, but does not always have the scientific research behind it to prove the theory. Bracketing on the other hand would be the removal of using any information that is “known” and instead relying solely on the research itself to come up with the conclusions.

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Since these two methods are completely opposite of one another, they should be mutually exclusive to one another, but that may not always be the case. One cannot just omit the items that they know from existence in research studies so those items are always still present, even when the researcher removes all possible biases from their research.

Choosing the method that best fits a study or research is best left to the individual and their preferences when working. There is no one methodology that is better than another for certain things, however my own personal feelings would to be create a process that would leave as little personal feelings and knowledge included as possible. Please answer the above question with at least 150-250 words and using at least 1 reference. Reference needs to be from a peer reviewed article or journal and needs to be cited in APA 6th edition format. Also, of applicable, please provide www or doi website info for reference.


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