Week 5 “Human Resource Planning” 10 Questions

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Question 1

Quality is achieved by meeting scope and by not?

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Disappointing the customer

Jeopardizing cost benefit ratio

Exceeding scope

Overestimating budget

Question 2

There are two types of costs tied to quality. The first is cost to conformance to quality and the second is?

Cost benefit analysis

Benchmarking performance

Design of experiments

Cost of nonconformance to quality

Question 3

There are a number of tools and techniques that can be utilized to plan for quality. All of the following are quality planning tools except?


Delphi process

Affinity diagrams

Matrix diagrams

Question 4

The quality management plan addresses the following three areas; Quality control, quality assurance, and ?

Quality checklist

Cost of quality

Quality improvement

Quality boundaries

Question 5

These charts show the categorization of problems from largest to smallest?

Pareto diagrams

Control charts

Scatter diagrams

Cause-and-effect diagrams

Question 6


Contracts and grievances with unionized groups are constraints. Additionally, unions are also?





Question 7

This hierarchical chart decomposes the project by the types of resources it contains?

Organizational chart

Responsibility assignment matrix

RACI chart

Resource breakdown structure

Question 8

A chart that uses the activities of responsibility, accountability, consult and inform?

Organizational chart

Responsibility assignment matrix

RACI chart

Resource breakdown structure

Question 9

Team development as described by Tuckman only included four stages. The fifth stage added to the forming, storming, norming, and performing stage sequence is?





Question 10

This approach smooths out the conflicts by minimizing the perceived size of the problem. It is a temporary solution but can calm team members.

Ouchi’s theory Z

Coercive power

Authority power



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