Week 7 questions 1 – 3

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Study Questions — The Book of Job 

For this week, read the following selections from The Book of Job: pages 5-37 and 57-91.

1. Although we may come to this class already with some ideas about the Hebrew God, let us try to set those aside and analyze things just based on our reading of The Book of Job. This brings up some interesting challenges, and insights into the values and beliefs of ancient Hebrew society. Based on this reading, what can we tell about the nature of the Hebrew God and its relationship with mankind? How is it similar or dissimilar from the other traditions we have examined so far this semester? 

2. The Book of Job is sometimes presented as an example of how we should behave in the face of life’s difficulties. But, someone might say that the title character spends much time lamenting his condition and often it seems that his attitude is not one of adoration or even respect toward God. Is that accurate? And, should we then accept this as the behavior encouraged or honored by ancient Hebrew society? Explain. 

3. Common conceptions of justice usually include the ideas that evil is punished and goodness is rewarded. Bad people suffer because they are bad and good people enjoy happiness and prosperity because they are good. However, the story of Job seems to challenge this understanding of justice. Right? Maybe it only appears that way. Perhaps other values are being promoted here. Comment and explain. 

Due 2/25/14 before 11pm

Word has to be 200 – 300 words for each


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