write a post describing the kind of written and oral communication that you do at work, English homework help

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Each numbered post to be atleast 8-10 sentences or at least 300 words.

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1. write a post describing the kind of written and oral communication that you do at work. How much of your typical work day is occupied with speaking and writing? What kinds of documents do you compose? Recall a time when you experienced a problem at work as a result of poor communication. What were the causes of and possible remedies for the problem? How do you think studying technical writing would help you in your current and future work?

2. discuss a job interview that you have had in the past, and reading about others’ experience. Recall a recent job interview, and try to address the following questions.

  • How did you know about the job opening?
  • What kind of job application materials did you prepare/submit to secure the interview?
  • What kind of knowledge did you have about the company before the interview? What research did you do to prepare for the interview?
  • What did you bring to the interview?
  • What kind of questions were asked? How well prepared were you for those questions?
  • What kind of questions did you ask the interviewer?
  • Did you send a thank-you letter/note after the interview?
  • Did you get that job?
  • What did you think went well with that interview? Why? What did not go so well?
  • If you were to interview with the same employer again, what would you do differently to improve your performance?

3.what do you now know about writing instructions that you didn’t know before? Be specific (i.e. do not just say they are important). How would you explain the importance of tailoring a set of instructions for a specific audience (as opposed to “for everyone”)? What type of audience do your instructions target? What type of writing/design strategies would you use to accommodate this audience group?

4.define technical writing in your own words. Based on what you have learned so far in this course, how would you explain technical writing to someone unfamiliar with it?

5.Below are two ethical dilemmas that relate to on-the-job communication (one in an e-mail message and the other about a presentation). In your discussion post, tell us the action you would take for each dilemma and explain why.

E-mail Message*. You accidentally received a message outlining your hospital’s downsizing plan. You see that your friend’s position will be eliminated. She and her husband are about to purchase a new home. Should you tell her that her job is in danger?

Presentation*. You are preparing for a presentation with a short deadline. You find perfect wording and great graphics on the Internet. Should you lift the graphics and wording but change a few words? You figure that if it is on the Internet, it must be in the public domain.


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