Write a short essay comparing the Amazons in Greek Mythology to some of the characters from Homer’s Iliad.

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Both the Amazons and the men in Homer’s Iliad were warriors in battle.There are of course obvious differences: the Amazons were women.But for this essay I would like you to look for something else: similarities.

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In reading the Iliad we see that there are two models of warrior heroism: (a) Achilles, a loner who is eager to kill and willing to die in order to promote his own personal name and honor, offending gods in the process, acting aggressively, competitively and arrogantly; (b) Hector, who seeks honor, too, but also has a family and city to defend, working more collaboratively for the common good, potentially subordinating his own ambitions and accommodating others.A supremely community-oriented person might act anonymously—no public recognition for good deeds done.*

Where do the Amazons fall on the spectrum established by Achilles and Hector?I suggest that you discuss two incidents in the readings.

There are Amazons who fight for glory and Amazons who serve their community.Do you sense that one tendency predominates?You should examine the stories of Amazons in battle, but also consider other aspects of their lives, such as how they organize their society.There is no “correct” answer; I will be reading to see whether you have read carefully and supported your answer with evidence.

The readings for “The Amazons” is attached. Please accept this assignment if you have access to or have prior knowledge of The Essential Iliad by Stanley Lombardo. The book is relevant until Hector’s death.


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