Write an informative summary of Good Brother’s company of Myanmar. You may assume your audience is not familiar with the company you have selected. Your summary should describe the company, provide

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Write an informative summary of  Good Brother’s company of Myanmar.  You may assume your audience is not familiar with the company you have selected.

  • Your summary should describe the company, provide examples of innovation, and what distinguishes the company from its competition.
  • Your finished summary should be a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 750 words, not including references.view and please follow this

PoorAcceptableExcellentDescription of the companyPoints:2 (6.66666%)It is unclear what the company does.Points:4 (13.33333%)The company is adequately describedPoints:6 (20.00%)The company is described conciselyDepth of ResearchPoints:2 (6.66666%)Two or fewer sources of information or sources of information are unreliablePoints:4 (13.33333%)Three or four good quality sources of informationPoints:6 (20.00%)Five or more good quality sources of informationExamples of innovation and evolutionPoints:1 (3.33333%)The information provides a point in time snapshot of the companyPoints:2 (6.66666%)The information shows the evolution of the company over time.Points:3 (10.00%)The information shows the innovation of the company uniquely and thoughtfully.Unique attributesPoints:1 (3.33333%)The student fails to differentiate this company from the competitionPoints:2 (6.66666%)The unique attributes of this company are included as a quote from a reliable source.Points:3 (10.00%)The unique attributes are included and referenced with additional insight and the opinion of the studentVoicePoints:1 (3.33333%)The student’s voice sounds entirely artificial and/or inappropriate to academic writingPoints:2 (6.66666%)The student’s voice sounds natural and is appropriate to academic writing.Points:3 (10.00%)The student’s voice sounds natural, is appropriate to academic writing, and is entertaining in one way or another.ReferencesPoints:1 (3.33333%)Outside information in not referencedPoints:2 (6.66666%)Some outside information is appropriately referenced.Points:3 (10.00%)All outside information is appropriately referencedMechanicsPoints:2 (6.66666%)So many grammatical, punctuation, or spelling mistakes that it’s hard to keep reading the essay.Points:4 (13.33333%)A few grammatical, punctuation, or spelling mistakes—nothing that would slow down one’s reading of the paper for more than a second or two.Points:6 (20.00%)At most, only a couple of grammatical, punctuation, or spelling mistakes—nothing that impedes one’s reading of the paper.Name


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